Video Blog: How to Identify Key Moments to Sell VSCs

Mark Pierret, Director of Sales and Marketing at Budco Financial, discusses helpful tips & tricks for boosting revenue through vehicle service contract sales in his short video series, “Driving Revenue with Budco Financial.” Visit the Budco Financial YouTube channel for even more helpful tips for F&I managers.

A dealership’s F&I team has the best chance of selling a vehicle service contract (VSC) at the time of a vehicle sale, but it’s not always easy to identify the most opportune time to make the pitch. A strong sales person will ask the right questions throughout the purchasing process—things like how long the customer is planning to keep the car or how they’re planning to use it. These questions can lead to answers that help the F&I manager tailor a service contract to the customer’s needs. But, if a VSC sale isn’t made at the time of vehicle purchase, dealerships shouldn’t stop trying there. Watch the video below to discover additional opportunities for selling VSCs.

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