Driving Revenue with Budco Financial: Using IPPs to Sell More VSCs

Mark Pierret, Director of Sales and Marketing at Budco Financial, discusses helpful tips & tricks for boosting revenue through vehicle service contract sales in his short video series, “Driving Revenue with Budco Financial.” Visit the Budco Financial YouTube channel for even more helpful tips for F&I managers. Is your dealership using all the tools available […]

Avoiding Financial Potholes: How to Keep Your Dealership’s Revenue from Deflating This Spring

We’ve made it through the harsh winter, and the sweltering heat of summer has yet to arrive. While it’s true that vehicle service spending decreases during times of milder weather, that doesn’t mean your dealership should write off springtime as a dead-end for profits in the service department. Spring, colloquially known as “pothole season” in […]

Installment Payment Plans: A Quick Way to Boost your Dealership’s Bottom Line

There are several ways to increase your auto dealership’s bottom line—although some solutions are easier and faster to implement than others that may require excess time, additional resources and extensive up-front costs. Consider one of the quickest and most viable ways to boost your dealership’s bottom line: selling more vehicle service contracts by offering IPPs […]