VSC Sales: The Key to Maximizing Sales Team Downtime

Even the most productive and successful salespeople experience downtime. Whether it’s just a slow rainy day or a lull following a long stretch of back-to-back sales, whatever the reason for the downtime, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to equate to unproductive time. In fact, slower days at the dealership are the perfect opportunity to explore new sales tactics. But where to start? One commonly-overlooked revenue generator: Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) sales.

In this blog, we have compiled the top ways salespeople can use their downtime to expand their knowledge about VSC sales and put their new-found upselling skills into practice.

Learn how to speak your customers’ language

To customers, vehicle service contracts often seem unnecessary and confusing, making them a tough sell. But if you take a more educational approach and shift the way you talk about them, you’ll find greater success. Learn more about pitching VSCs in terms your customers will understand.

Launch a specialized ad campaign within the dealership

Point-of-purchase advertising can create as much as a 65% increase in sales. Spend your downtime creating and distributing collateral that will not only boost awareness of VSCs, but also sales. Learn more about how to advertise VSCs in the dealership.

Leverage your customer database

Downtime is the perfect time to ensure that you have the most comprehensive and up-to-date consumer data. You might consider investing in a software that can aid in this process. Once you’ve cleaned up the data, put together a direct mail or email campaign with a focus on VSCs. Learn more about how to use your consumer database to drive VSC sales.

Spend more time in the service lane

Collaboration between sales and service teams is crucial for VSC sales. Spend time educating those in the service lane about the importance of VSC sales and share your best practices with them. It’s a team effort! Learn more about how to facilitate better collaboration between the sales and service departments.

Explore the value of partnering with an IPP provider

Did you know that not all customers are eligible to roll the cost of a VSC into their financing? For this reason, it’s important for dealerships to partner with an Installment Payment Plan (IPP) provider that can help make VSCs both more appealing and affordable for people who fall into this category. Learn more about how you can use IPPs to sell more VSCs.

Research and integrate tools that make VSC sales easier

Budco Financial offers a mobile sales tool that allows salespeople to scan a VIN and driver’s license, and get a VSC quote back instantaneously. Spend your downtime getting a tool like this implemented now, and you’ll have even more downtime to spare later! Learn more about the service lane VSC sales tool.

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