Driving Revenue with Budco Financial: Using IPPs to Sell More VSCs

Mark Pierret, Director of Sales and Marketing at Budco Financial, discusses helpful tips & tricks for boosting revenue through vehicle service contract sales in his short video series, “Driving Revenue with Budco Financial.” Visit the Budco Financial YouTube channel for even more helpful tips for F&I managers.

Is your dealership using all the tools available to maximize vehicle service contract sales? As you may know, not all customers are eligible to roll the cost of a VSC into their financing, whether it’s because they’ve reached their limit, are paying in cash, paying with a credit union check, or a number of other reasons. But that doesn’t mean you should count them out of a potential incremental VSC sale! Watch the video below to discover the secret to making VSCs more appealing and affordable to those who don’t fall into the typical vehicle-financing category.

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