Announcing the Budco Financial Service Lane VSC Sales Tool

A recent survey from AAA reported that 64 million drivers in the U.S. couldn’t afford an unexpected vehicle repair without going into debt. And an additional survey reveals that one-third of drivers in the U.S. skip or delay recommended services and repairs, which increases their chances of unexpected mechanical issues and breakdowns in the future. […]

Using Your Consumer Database to Drive VSC Sales

In order to create customer loyalty and new revenue opportunities, vehicle dealerships need to build value and incentive behind their brand. Vehicle service contracts (VSCs) are a unique dealership offering that deliver clear value to the customer and incentive for repeat business in your service lane. Selling more VSCs is always a great way to […]

Budco Financial Makes an Appearance on WardsAuto

Budco Financial’s director of sales and marketing, Mark Pierret was recently featured on Ward’s Auto, a leading information center for the automotive industry. In his article, Mark discusses the service benefits that dealerships have over independent repair facilities: “Can your service department really compete with independently owned service centers? Of course. It’s all about demonstrating […]

Why Collaboration Between Sales and Service is Crucial for Dealership Success

Now, you’re probably already aware that vehicle service contracts (VSCs) are an excellent way to deliver a boost to dealership profits. But, did you know that you could take your VSC sales to the next level with one small change in your process? Creating a culture of collaboration is important to achieving business goals, and […]

The Rising Cost of Innovation: How Dealerships Can Make High-Tech Repairs More Affordable

Today’s consumers are dazzled by all of the new technological advances in the automotive industry. With new alternative fuel capabilities, automated driving features and other advanced technologies available, it’s no surprise that consumers are itching to try out the latest and greatest “toys” on the market. While new vehicle sales may be the focus of […]

Avoiding Financial Potholes: How to Keep Your Dealership’s Revenue from Deflating This Spring

We’ve made it through the harsh winter, and the sweltering heat of summer has yet to arrive. While it’s true that vehicle service spending decreases during times of milder weather, that doesn’t mean your dealership should write off springtime as a dead-end for profits in the service department. Spring, colloquially known as “pothole season” in […]

Driving Dealership Profits: Smart Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

While it’s unlikely that vehicle service will ever be “fun and exciting,” dealerships continue to make great strides in bettering the experience for their customers. For most drivers, bringing a vehicle in for service, whether for routine maintenance or to resolve a larger issue, is a bit of an inconvenience. Drivers know it’s necessary, but […]