Mornings with Mark Video #2: Selling VSCs Online

Mark Pierret, Director of Sales and Marketing at Budco Financial, discusses helpful tips & ideas for selling more vehicle service contracts in his latest video series, “Mornings With Mark.” Visit the Budco Financial YouTube channel for even more helpful tips for F&I managers.

Successful sales people are able to engage their customers by asking relevant questions in order to gain a better understanding of an individual’s specific wants and needs. By doing this, they’re able to tailor their solutions in a way that may be more appealing to potential buyers.

It’s clear that targeting your sales pitch to your audience is key—so what is your dealership doing to sell to millennials? You’d be surprised to learn how many of your customers are shopping online for vehicles. In fact, 62% of all millennials initiate their car-buying experience on a dealership’s website. In this video, Mark discusses how dealerships can use their website as an avenue for presenting information not only about their vehicle inventory, but also about vehicle service contracts (VSCs)—and more VSC sales lead to a boost in the bottom line!

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