Budco Financial Attends the 11th Annual Warranty Chain Management Conference

Budco Financial’s executive team is looking forward to skipping town on Michigan’s unrelenting winter to attend the upcoming Warranty Chain Management Conference. The 11th annual event is set to take place March 10-12 in downtown Miami.

Over 60 speakers will be distributed over 25 separate sessions, with an opening keynote address to be presented by John Estrada, Chairman of DriverlessTransportation.com.

Each year, the conference welcomes a diverse range of industries, including electronics, automotive, aerospace and white goods. It provides a global forum where industry professionals can meet, share best practices and learn about the challenges and solutions in warranty and service contract management.

Auto dealerships and other organizations that have figured out how to effectively manage warranty and service contracts, are able to develop a competitive edge, manage risk, increase cost savings, innovate and grow. Those who have already implemented Budco Financial’s installment payment plan solutions understand that service contract management is capable of significantly impacting their bottom line profitability and driving competitive advantage.

Our team is eager to discuss our services with our industry colleagues, as well as learn about new innovations and technology.

Florida sunshine, here we come!


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