A Fast, Easy, & Flexible way to increase revenue.

Budco Financial is more than just an interest-free financing solution – we’re a complete package for growing incremental sales of vehicle service contracts.

By delivering fully integrated marketing, call center, finance, technology, account and billing management services, Budco Financial helps make it easy to activate and retain two often-lost customer segments: Individuals who are completely unaware of the purchase options available, and those who can’t, or don’t want to, make large payments out-of-pocket for vehicle service contracts.

Our deep understanding of industry, service, marketing and financial systems, combined with our specific history and experience serving major global OEMs, make us the clear choice for large-scale, fully integrated vehicle service contract payment programs.

With more financing terms and billing payment options than any other provider, we create a win for customers, dealers, and OEMs alike by eliminating marketing risks, integration challenges and program responsibilities, as well as the financial obstacles buyers often face when purchasing vehicle service contracts. Your customers get the services they need, and you get a proven, reliable system that increases revenue, enhances brand loyalty and positively impacts customer retention.

Budco Financial operates upon a simple philosophy of performance guided by three basic tenets of business that are embodied in everything we do: Fast. Easy. Flexible.

As an Installment Payment Plan customer, here are just a few of the services that you will benefit from: