Mornings With Mark Video #1: Understanding the Indifference Quotient

Mark Pierret, Director of Sales and Marketing at Budco Financial, discusses helpful tips & ideas for selling more vehicle service contracts in his latest video series, “Mornings With Mark.” Visit the Budco Financial YouTube channel for even more helpful tips for F&I managers.

What is your vehicle service contract IQ?

We’re not talking smarts here; we’re talking the indifference quotient within your dealership. We understand that getting your staff to sell more VSCs can often be difficult when it appears that customers may not be in the market for a vehicle service contract. It can be so easy to fall into the “indifference trap” and stop thinking of simple ways to boost VSC sales with just a little extra effort.

In the end, does the extra effort pay off? Some dealerships don’t think so, but Mark Pierret, Budco Financial’s Director of Sales & Marketing, is here to prove otherwise. Watch the video below to discover why it’s so important to kick your indifference to the curb and maximize your VSC sales. Your dealership’s bottom line will thank you!


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