Exploring the Options for Taking the Financial Pain Out of Healthcare

With impending legislation from the new presidential administration top-of-mind for healthcare providers, managing costs has become a major focus and concern. In the past few years, premiums and deductibles for both employer-sponsored and government-sponsored health plans continue to rise exponentially. As a result, out-of-pocket costs for patients are sky rocketing, making medical debt a serious […]

Patient Trend: Comparison Shopping

“Comparison shopping” is a term that’s often heard in conjunction with consumer goods and services, but it’s quickly making its way into the healthcare market. Up until recently, many consumers assumed that healthcare pricing was standardized—a procedure would cost the same no matter where they had it done and by whom. But, this isn’t the […]

Terry Niles Discusses How to Improve Patient Experience on Becker’s Hospital Review

It’s well known that a patient’s experience at your hospital can make or break their chances of returning‚—and loyal patient-base is critical for a healthy bottom line. Terry Niles, Budco Financial’s executive vice president, was recently featured in Becker’s Hospital Review discussing how hospitals can improve their patients’ experience. Her recommendation? Maximize customer care—go above and beyond to […]