Patient Trend: Comparison Shopping

“Comparison shopping” is a term that’s often heard in conjunction with consumer goods and services, but it’s quickly making its way into the healthcare market. Up until recently, many consumers assumed that healthcare pricing was standardized—a procedure would cost the same no matter where they had it done and by whom. But, this isn’t the […]

Terry Niles Discusses How to Improve Patient Experience on Becker’s Hospital Review

It’s well known that a patient’s experience at your hospital can make or break their chances of returning‚—and loyal patient-base is critical for a healthy bottom line. Terry Niles, Budco Financial’s executive vice president, was recently featured in Becker’s Hospital Review discussing how hospitals can improve their patients’ experience. Her recommendation? Maximize customer care—go above and beyond to […]

Featured on Becker’s – “Improving the Bill-Paying Experience: The Key to Revenue Cycle Management”

Budco Financial’s EVP Terry Niles was recently featured in Becker’s Hospital Review. In her article she provides three ways that hospitals can improve revenue cycle management by taking a look at their patients’ bill-paying experience. The easier you make it for your patients to pay their bills, the faster your hospital will get paid. Plus, this dedication to your patients’ […]

The Affordable Care Act May Be Fighting its Final Battle… Will it Affect You?

The healthcare industry has hit a critical point—and a majority of Americans don’t have any idea what’s potentially about to hit them. By the end of June, the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, may be turned upside down, potentially stripping 6.4 million people of health insurance subsidies in 34 states across the country. […]

Raising Revenue: How to Help Secure a Future for Smaller Healthcare Facilities

In today’s economy, many hospitals, especially in rural areas, are in financial binds that threaten their futures. According to a study conducted by Black Book, “87% of small and community hospitals anticipate declining-to-negative profitability through 2015.” Why are these hospitals losing so much money, and how can they keep their doors open? It’s important for […]

Can Hospitals and Patients Really Afford the Affordable Care Act?

The Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable for some, causing both patients and hospitals to suffer the consequences. Now, just over a year after ACA implementation, many low- to moderate-income Americans are still unable to pay for health insurance and/or medical bills. Falling into the Health Assistance Gap One of the biggest selling points […]

Terry Niles at Becker’s Hospital Review: “Hospitals Can Shorten Revenue Cycles by Reducing Bad Debt”

The Affordable Care Act has changed the face of the healthcare insurance industry, making practical medical payment solutions for patients even more critical. But who do medical payment plans really benefit—the hospital or the patient? The answer is both. Instead of taking the familiar route to hiring a collection agency, hospitals can choose to offer […]

Meet the Man Behind the Payment Plan Company – Bud Brian, Founder of Budco Financial

In Part One of this two-part exclusive interview, Bud Brian, the founder and CEO of Budco Financial, provides an inside look at how and why he started his burgeoning company. Tell us a bit about your background. BUD BRIAN: I started in the world of automotive marketing distribution, working at one of the predominant distribution […]

7 Ways to Improve Patient Retention and Generate Profits for Your Hospital

All of the changes in the healthcare industry have made retaining patients that much more important. Hospitals can no longer rely on the sheer volume of patients to generate profit. Although many hospitals and healthcare organizations remain focused on events that occur when a patient is physically in the hospital, some of the more successful […]