Terry Niles Discusses How to Improve Patient Experience on Becker’s Hospital Review

It’s well known that a patient’s experience at your hospital can make or break their chances of returning‚—and loyal patient-base is critical for a healthy bottom line. Terry Niles, Budco Financial’s executive vice president, was recently featured in Becker’s Hospital Review discussing how hospitals can improve their patients’ experience. Her recommendation? Maximize customer care—go above and beyond to […]

Featured on Becker’s – “Improving the Bill-Paying Experience: The Key to Revenue Cycle Management”

Budco Financial’s EVP Terry Niles was recently featured in Becker’s Hospital Review. In her article she provides three ways that hospitals can improve revenue cycle management by taking a look at their patients’ bill-paying experience. The easier you make it for your patients to pay their bills, the faster your hospital will get paid. Plus, this dedication to your patients’ […]

Terry Niles at Becker’s Hospital Review: “It’s Important to Create the Ideal Patient Experience”

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