Advertising VSCs and Payment Plans in the Dealership

Point of Purchase (POP) advertising is a great way to sell to your customers. It’s reported that 75% of purchasing decisions are made in-store or on-location, according to Point-Of-Purchase Advertising International (POPAI). In addition, in-store advertising can create as much as a 65% increase in sales. You probably use POP advertising in your dealership to promote […]

Social Media for Dealerships: Turning Likes into Loyalty

We all know that modern car buyers are doing more and more research and “browsing” online before making a purchasing decision. Further, the Digital Air Strike 2015 Social Media Trends Study for Automotive Dealerships reported that for three consecutive years now, their study has shown buyers ranking social networks as more important than dealership websites […]

Don’t Just Care for Your Patients, Cater to Them

One of the top priorities happening in the healthcare industry today is improving the patient experience. All providers know the significance of the HCAHPS survey and how a high score can help their facility increase profitability, uphold a competitive advantage, keep public investors satisfied and create new incentives to improve care (some hospitals are even getting grants […]

Managing Medical Debt: Four Strategies to Help Patients Pay and Providers Collect

It’s no secret that the rising cost of healthcare is having a significant impact on both patients and providers. As out-of-pocket costs for patients continue to rise and high deductibles and copays become the norm, it’s taking a hefty financial toll on the entire healthcare community. According to a report from, shared by CNBC, […]

Pitch a VSC in Terms They Can Understand

Most consumers don’t react well to the idea of a vehicle service contract (VSC) since most vehicles automatically come with a manufacturer warranty. And the concept of making monthly payments towards something they might not use also makes buyers shy away from signing a VSC. However, a recent survey released by AutoMD is showing a […]

6 Strategies Healthcare Providers Can Use to Improve Patient Experience

Most healthcare providers today understand that consumerism and the growing “power of the patient” is a primary driving force behind the current wave of a recent industry transformation. However, the Prophet and GE Healthcare Patient Experience Survey 2016 results reveal that providers and patients have conflicting perspectives on how the patient experience is currently viewed […]

Using Your Consumer Database to Drive VSC Sales

In order to create customer loyalty and new revenue opportunities, vehicle dealerships need to build value and incentive behind their brand. Vehicle service contracts (VSCs) are a unique dealership offering that deliver clear value to the customer and incentive for repeat business in your service lane. Selling more VSCs is always a great way to […]

Social Media for Dealerships: The Dos and Don’ts

The social media world opens up many opportunities for dealerships to strategically connect with car buyers outside of the showroom, engage with them in positive ways and attract more customers. A recent Automotive Social Media Trends Study revealed that “75 percent of car buyers and 68 percent of service customers say Internet research, including social […]

Car Buyer Profiles: Understanding Your Customers and How to Sell to Them

Car buyers come in different types—they are looking for different things, motivated by different things and react to different things. In order to successfully sell to these disparate car buyers, it is essential for dealerships and their sales teams to understand each personality type and its accompanying behavior, then become skilled at recognizing them and […]