How Predictive Analytics Helps Auto OEMs, Dealerships and Consumers

The automotive industry is rapidly transforming with new technology, and predictive analytics is being utilized to find trends and make predictions about future events using techniques like data mining, data modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). As our vehicles become more and more connected and advanced, the way we build, sell and use cars […]

Increasing F&I Gross Profit Per Vehicle

Five of the six publicly-traded new-vehicle dealership groups increased F&I gross profit per vehicle at the beginning of this year. This is a trend the groups attribute to acquisition, product sales, and enhanced collaboration between sales teams and the F&I office. Among those groups, Lithia Motors Inc. reached an all-time record by growing same-store F&I […]

Reducing Delinquencies on Auto Loans

Auto loan delinquencies are rising faster than any other category, and last year, outstanding auto loans in the U.S. reached over $1 trillion. This increase delinquencies is so high that the New York Federal Reserve Bank reports that auto loans have reached levels not seen in eight years and the 2016 auto loan totals were […]

Moving Into Online Automotive Sales

As digital technology continues to develop and new generations of consumers hit the market, more and more industries have begun selling their products through e-commerce. The modern consumer wants convenience and has begun to not only expect, but demand an online shopping experience for all types of purchases—even for something as significant as a vehicle. […]

The Issue with Sending Patients to Collections and How to Avoid It

Medical debt collection is a growing issue that is affecting millions of patients each year and there has been a recent uprise in complaints about how collections are being handled. A recent study from the Consumers Financial Protection Bureau reported that 63% of patients who complained about medical debt collections said that their debt was […]

Announcing the Budco Financial Service Lane VSC Sales Tool

A recent survey from AAA reported that 64 million drivers in the U.S. couldn’t afford an unexpected vehicle repair without going into debt. And an additional survey reveals that one-third of drivers in the U.S. skip or delay recommended services and repairs, which increases their chances of unexpected mechanical issues and breakdowns in the future. […]

Exploring the Options for Taking the Financial Pain Out of Healthcare

With impending legislation from the new presidential administration top-of-mind for healthcare providers, managing costs has become a major focus and concern. In the past few years, premiums and deductibles for both employer-sponsored and government-sponsored health plans continue to rise exponentially. As a result, out-of-pocket costs for patients are sky rocketing, making medical debt a serious […]

Tactics to Reduce Bad Debt

NerdWallet Health reports that 56 million Americans struggle to pay medical bills each year and 1.7 million Americans live in a household where medical debt has driven them into bankruptcy. Nowadays, medical debt is the highest type of debt in the U.S.—costing people more and putting them more behind than their bank and credit card […]

Budco Financial Kicks Off the Year with PCMI and NADA

New Partnership with PCMI Budco Financial’s acclaimed 0% interest Payment Plan portal has now been integrated with PCMI’s Policy Claim and Reporting Solutions’ dealer contracting module – Open Sales Platform. This exciting partnership revolutionizes and streamlines our platform experience to allow menu companies, service drive solutions, and dealership F&I managers to operate in a single […]